WTC Highest Run Scorer | Top 10 Highest Run Scorer in WTC - 2019-21

Marnus Labuschagne, the Australian right-handed batsman, was in tremendous form during the inaugural session of the World Test Championship.

The first-ever edition of the ICC World Test Championship will see one of the most anticipated finals of the year in June 2021. The two toppers of the points table, India and New Zealand will play the final match of the World Test Championship 2019-2021 at the Rose Bowl Stadium, Southampton, England. The rating system of the WTC 2019-21 was changed by the ICC last year, which made percentage points as the qualification criteria.

India tops the WTC points table with 12 wins, while New Zealand is at the second position with 7 wins so far. The World Test Championship 2019-21 started with the Ashes last year and will end in June 2021 with a final match played between India and New Zealand from 18th June to 22nd June.

Players have been performing so well in the tournament, be its bowlers or batsmen. Here, we bring you the data and statistics of the top 10 highest run-scorers in the World Test Championship 2019-21.

Top 10 Players with highest run-scorers WTC 2019-21

1: Marnus Labuschagne – 1675 runs (Australia)

Australian right-handed batsman Marnus Labuschagne tops the top 10 highest run scorers in World Test Championship 2019-21 with 1675 runs 23 innings at an unmatchable average of 72.82. the leading run-scorer of the first edition of WTC also smashed most hundreds and most fifties, 5 and 9 respectively.

2: Joe Root – 1660 runs (England)

Captain of England Test team, Joe Root, is at the second place of the leading run-scorers of the WTC. He scored 1660 runs at an average of 47.42. Root hit 3 hundred and 8 fifties, also including 2 double centuries.

3: Steve Smith – 1341 runs (Australia)

Steve Smith is currently one of the best Test batsmen in the world. The Australian player won the award of the ICC Test Cricketer of the Decade. Smith scored 1341 runs in merely 22 innings at an average of 63.85 with 4 hundreds and 7 fifties throughout the year.

4: Ben Stokes – 1334 runs (England)

Ben Stokes, the England all-rounder, had been a tremendous batsman in the ICC World Test Championship. Stokes scored 1334 runs at an average of 46 with 4 hundreds and 7 fifties.

5: Ajinkya Rahane – 1095 runs (India)

The vice-captain of the Indian Test team, Ajinkya Rahane, is the leading run-scorer of the WTC in India and the fifth leading run-scorer of the World Test Championship among the world. Rahane scored 1095 runs at an average of 43.80 in 28 innings with 3 hundreds and 6 fifties.

6: Rohit Sharma – 1030 runs (India)

Indian hitman Rohit Sharma scored 1030 runs in the first edition of the World Test Championship with an average of 64.37 in 17 innings.

7: FDM Karunaratne – 999 runs (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan Batsman FDM Karunaratne scored 999 runs in the WTC 2019-21 in 18 innings with an average of 55.50.

8: Jos Butler – 963 runs (England)

Jos Butler is a renowned English batsman. Butler scored 963 runs in 31 innings with an average of 33.20.

9: David Warner – 948 runs (Australia)

The all-time favourite Australian batsman David Warner scored 948 runs in the WTC with an average of 47.40. Warner played 22 innings during the first edition of the tournament.

10: Babar Azam – 932 runs (Pakistan)

Pakistani batsman Babar Azam scored 932 runs in the WTC, playing 17 innings with an average of 66.57.

Below is the complete list of top run-scorers of the ICC World Test Championship 2019-21:

List of Top 10 highest run-scorers in the World Test Championship 2019-21.

M Labuschagne (AUS)23167572.8259215
JE Root (ENG)37166047.4238228
SPD Smith (AUS)22134163.8547211
BA Stokes (ENG)3213344646176
AM Rahane (INDIA)28109543.836115
RG Sharma (INDIA)17103064.3742123
FDM Karunaratne (SL)1899955.5044115
JC Buttler (ENG)3196333.2014108
DA Warner (AUS)2294847.403194
Babar Azam (PAK)1793266.5745114

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