What Will Happen if India vs New Zealand WTC Final Tie or Draw? - Cricket Matches Today

What Will Happen if India vs New Zealand WTC Final Tie or Draw?

What Will Happen if India vs New Zealand WTC Final Tie or Draw? - Cricket Matches Today

The final Test match of the ICC World Test Championship is to be played between India and New Zealand from 18th June 2021. Amid the excitement for the first-ever WTC final, ICC announced what happen if the final match of the WTC draws or ties.

The final match of the World Test Championship will take place from 18th June 2021 to 22nd June 2021, between the two table toppers, India and New Zealand, at the Rose Bowl Stadium, Southampton, England. If the final Test match is a tie or draw, then both the playing teams will be declared joint winners, announced ICC on Friday.

On Friday, the International Cricket Council announced the playing conditions for the WTC final match. The council said that the trophy would be given to both teams as joint winners in case the match ties or draws. Also, ICC announced a reserve day for the final. 23rd June 2021 will be the Reserve Day, if the 30 playing hours will not be possible between 18th June and 22nd June 2021.

If the total of 30 playing hours is not possible even after the Reserve Day, the match will be declared a draw match, and both India and New Zealand will get the trophy as joint winners. Also, in case of a tie, the same conditions will be effective.

ICC took both these decisions before the start of the ICC World Test Championship in 2018. If a result (win and lose) is not achieved after a full five-day game, there will be no reserve day or extra day’s play, and in such case, the final match of the WTC will be declared a draw.…

Additionally, in the event of losing some time during the match due to different unavoidable reasons, the ICC match referees will periodically update the media and play teams about using the Reserve Day. Whether or not the given Reserve Day (23rd June) will be used will only be announced on the fifth day (22nd June) before the start of the last hour of play. ICC told that Grade 1 Duke cricket balls would be used in the final Test match. 

Three Major Changes by ICC

Three modifications in the game guidelines in international cricket can also be a part of the WTC final. These had been applied throughout the current World Cup Super League series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These consist of guidelines related to short runs, players’ assessments, and DRS evaluation.

In the case of a short run, the third umpire shall automatically review any on-field umpire’s choice to short-run and speak his choice to the on-field umpire before the next ball is bowled.

Before taking the DRS (decision review system) for LBW, the captain of the fielding team, or given out, the batsman will affirm whether an actual trial was made to play the ball from the umpire. The ICC increased the scope of the wicket area to the top of the stumps to take DRS for LBW itself.

The WTC began to increase the interest of visitors in Test cricket. Most of the championship matches were now not played due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Team India performed brilliantly during the entire event. Team India, captained via Virat Kohli, secured the first position in the points table, and the New Zealand team stood second. New Zealand has already reached England to play the final match, at the same time as the Indian team will leave for the final Test match on 2nd June.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WTC final a whole Test series?

The WTC final is a single Test match played between the two table-toppers, India and New Zealand. The game will start on 18th June 2021 and be played till 22nd June 2021. There is also a Reserve Day (23rd June) for the final Test match.

Who will play the World Test Championship final?

The two teams holding first and second position on the ICC World Test Championship points table, India and New Zealand will play the first-ever final match of the WTC from 18th June 2021.

Where is the WTC final match?

The WTC final match will be played at the Rose Bowl Stadium, Southampton, England. ICC changed the venue for the final match, keeping in mind the current scenario of the coronavirus pandemic.

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